About us

INCIEN is a non-profit, non-governmental organization focusing on innovative environmental management. Together with our partners we work on projects that allow the transition from a linear towards a circular system. INCIEN is formed by a quickly growing team of Czech creative professionals. The organization core consists of alumni from the well-known Wageningen University in the Netherlands.

Our mission:
INCIEN’s mission is to inform, educate and interpret best practices and co-create pilot projects that strive for a transition from a linear to a circular economy. In collaboration with companies, municipalities, the governmental sector, NGOs and other stakeholders, INCIEN participates in many different projects every year. We know what opportunities the circular economy brings, and that its main building block is a change of mindset, as well as an effective and well functioning co-creation and collaboration between main stakeholders.

DOWNLOAD: INCIEN – Mission and Vision Statement

What do we do:
The growing interest in the circular economy in the Czech Republic on a political, social, and business level is in the need for practical solutions and showcases. Our services and products are therefore designed so that they enable the decision-making and action-steps for a wide spectrum of stakeholders from various sectors. Together with our partners, as well as former and present clients, we strive to inspire the wider society – from the municipality and corporates, to individual entrepreneurs, innovators, and ordinary citizens – to make the circular economy a mainstream practice.

Our organisation provides analytical and educational programs as well as project management tools for various organizations and individuals. We bring practical solutions and state-of-the-art concepts that we encounter every day to develop and implement effective responses on key environmental topics. By involving and working with the private sector, governmental institutions and citizens from various fields, we deliver tailored-made solutions. All solutions provided stems from collaborations with international partners with whom we share the best practices and know-how.

What is the circular economy:
Circular economy is a sustainable development concept, which enables for a functional and prosperous relationship between the nature and the human society. By closing the loops of materials in perpetuous cycles, circular economy opposes our current linear system, where resources are turned into products, sold, consumed, and after a very short lifespan burned, landfilled or lost in other ways.

Key activities

  • Municipal sector:

INCIEN works on optimizing the waste management on a municipal level throughout  the Czech Republic. We provide waste analysis, studies and plans of the waste management strategy, as well as subsidy advisory. We focus on awareness raising campaigns, as well as pilots within the area of the smart waste management. Annually, INCIEN organizes Waste as a Resource conference, which strives to share the best cases of practice, and connects and inspires the municipal officials. Our solutions focus on waste prevention, and an effective system of waste separation, collection and recycling. We always try to find ways that help our clients to co-live well with the environment, municipal budget, and engage and educate as many citizens as possible.

  • Private sector

We understand that business plays a crucial role in the circular economy transition. For this reason, we engage in long-term partnerships and projects with ambitious companies. Together with our clients, we design and implement solutions leading to the development of a circular economy in their everyday activities. We help to develop products and services that are designed for circularity, as well as business models, that generate profits while attaining environmental savings.

  • Public sector

INCIEN is actively participating in dialogues with various public authorities. We support local, regional, as well as the national government in their decision-making towards a circular economy. We are spreading awareness about the benefits of the circular economy by sharing good cases of practice, as well as providing a platform for an active exchange of know-how and experience between the circular leaders and government officials. INCIEN organises governmental seminars, collaborates with ministries on specific projects, and often participates in governmental discussion and projects about the future of the circular economy in the Czech republic.

  • International relations

We build on the intensive international collaboration with global leaders in the industry. We bring know-how and innovations from abroad to help Czech institutions with growth and inspiration in the circular economy sector. We organize business missions, market analysis, international conferences, and we use the experience of our foreign partners in specific projects. We will help you with the latest trends and technologies on the Czech market, or with the choice of the right partner within the waste, water, construction, or agricultural sectors.

  • Education and Awareness

We regularly give lectures, workshops and other activities at kindergartens, schools as well as  universities. We believe that, thanks to cooperation with academia and students, circular economy themes can expand and deliver impactful applications on a broader scale. Together with scientific experts, we analyse the latest trends in the world of the circular economy as well as the products and services of our clients. We actively collaborate on Zero Waste implementation initiatives in schools, and together with students, we improve the environment in and outside of the Czech schools.

  • Zajímej.se

We run a unique information portal about the circular economy in the Czech Republic. We focus on the latest circular trends in the business world, municipal sector, eco-innovation and lifestyle. We write about what interests us and what might interest you too, at www.zajimej.se .  We value the freedom of speech and we are also interested in your opinion. So if you have issues related to circular economy, waste management, the environment or sustainability, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and get involved in our activities.

  • Xflow.cz

xflow.cz We realize the potential that lies within students and youngsters. And we strive to make the most out of it. Xflow was created in order to mediate the students‘ cooperation with the companies during their studies through internships and diploma theses. This advertising and information portal serves to establish contact between students and companies with a focus on circular economy. Current information and offers can be found on our web site www.xflow.cz  or on our Facebook page.