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INCIEN: Urban Intelligence, Global Conference, Murcia

6.2.2018 - 7.2.2018

Přijali jsme pozvání na globální konferenci Urban Intelligence, která se bude konat na začátku února ve městě Murcia ve Španělsku. Za INCIEN vystoupí Soňa Jonášová.


Join us in the 1st edition of the Urban Intelligence Global Conference, a unique opportunity to have unique and valuable insights from the city changers and leading companies in the smart city scenario. Besides you’ll have the opportunity to be part of an inpiring discussion about the future of our cities and take advantage of the experience of the experts of the European funded project Roadmaps for energy that will share with you the outcomes of the work they have done in the last 3 years.

We will offer you:

  • Inspiring talks from keynote speakers about the smart city environment and the future transformation
  • Most important findings and learnings of R4E, where 8 cities and 2 knowledge partners have been working together, demonstrating new participative and co-creative methodologies and processes, which support cities in executing their tasks related to achieving the EU energy efficiency objectives
  • Interactive breakout sessions where to pool knowledge and share ground-breaking ideas
  • Great networking opportunities to expand your professional contacts and increase business opportunities
  • The opportunity to pitch your idea, business or project


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