New INCIEN study: The role of the circular economy in decarbonisation of industry

The Czech Republic is the second most industrialised country in the EU as a share of gross value added and ranks third in per capita greenhouse gas emissions. The circular economy is a key tool for reducing emissions, without which the decarbonisation of heavy industry in the Czech Republic will not happen. Possible solutions are now presented in this study, The Role of the Circular Economy in the Decarbonisation of Industry, which is currently being published by the Institute of the Circular Economy.

The main objective of this study is to stimulate discussion on the circular economy and its potential for reducing GHG emissions in heavy industry in the Czech Republic, and ultimately to motivate the implementation of appropriate circular measures. These can contribute to shortening supply chains, reducing energy and material consumption, conserving scarce natural resources or improving biodiversity, while also supporting efforts to decarbonise heavy industry in a cost-effective way.  

The study, produced in collaboration with the European Climate Foundation, can be downloaded for free in English or Czech. 

Don’t feel like reading the whole study? We have prepared a short explainer for the general public, summarising the key findings of the study in one page, which you can find here.


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