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We investigate the potential of the circular economy in the Czech Republic and internationally. We conduct our own research and analysis in consultation with the private sector, public administration, academia and civic society, and provide insights and recommendations on how to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Our findings are clear, reliable, up-to-date, relevant and data-driven. We develop in-depth studies, articles, thematic overviews and sector reports.

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We are committed to delivering impact and developing solutions across multiple key agendas of the circular economy through international partnerships.
Climate neutrality for industry will not be achieveable without the circular economy. We have been working since 2021 to investigate and promote circular solutions to the decarbonisation of heavy industry and manufacturing.

We focus on the sustainable use of renewable natural resources and valorisation of waste and by-product streams in food, construction, textiles and chemicals. For example, in 2023 we published a study on the cascading use and circularity of wood and wood-based products in the Czech Republic.

We work closely with sector organisations across the EU and national industry stakeholders to plan for and implement solutions for a circular and low-carbon built environment, in line with EU policy and international best practice.
We monitor continuously the development of EU policy and legislation related to the circular economy across industry sectors and the complex interconnections with climate change, biodiversity, sustainable finance and other agendas, in order to support timely and effective implementation at a national level.

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Benjamin hague

Head of Think Tank

Ben studied at Cambridge University and has lived outside his native England since 1995. He worked in the Czech construction industry for four years and subsequently worked in Brussels (2 years), Singapore (10 years) and again in the Czech Republic since 2010 as a consultant in industrial market research and strategic consulting for multinational companies.

Pavel Zedníček


Pavel studied Chemistry in Prague and Sustainability & Innovation in Utrecht and Zurich. He has work experience in a Dutch consulting firm and internships in Paris, Shanghai and Lisbon. He is interested in the potential of the circular economy to reduce emissions in industry.

Andrea Veselá


Andrea studied at Utrecht University, graduating with a Master’s in Energy and Materials for Sustainable Development. After eight years of studying and working abroad, she returned to Prague with the aim of joining a team and community committed to a sustainable and circular future for the Czech Republic.

Tadeáš Rulík


Tadeáš studied industrial design at the Czech Technical University in Prague and specializes in sustainable design and the use of materials in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. At INCIEN he is currently working on decarbonisation of industry and waste management.

Eva Ryšavá


Eva graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Technology at the University of Technology in Prague and completed a study internship in Aveiro, Portugal. She specialises in waste management, circular business models and waste analysis, supporting both the Institute’s research and consulting activities.

Zuzana Hejlová

Coordinator, BUS-GoCircular

Zuzana is studying conservation and use of natural resources at the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague. She completed a study stay in Estonia, which deepened her interests in sustainability topics. She is currently coordinating INCIEN’s activities for the Horizon 2020 project BUS-GoCircular on circular construction skills.

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Institut Cirkulární Ekonomiky, z.ú.,
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